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What’s up everybody, Chef Shawn Quinn here to talk with you today about the new brunch items you may have seen on our menus. I am excited for you to check out our new creations that will give you a whole new reason to brunch with your crew.

Braised Short Rib Hash

Think of this as a step up from your diner’s classic hash recipe. Some of the fun with the Grille is finding ways to put a spin on American dishes like this. Traditional breakfast ingredients like potatoes, onions and eggs are used, but we incorporate béarnaise and bordelaise to bring some French flair to it. Even though bordelaise is traditionally used at dinnertime, the fun part of cooking is not having to conform to rules. The flavor of bordelaise when combined with béarnaise tie the breakfast element and savory short rib in one hearty bowl to make the ultimate comfort food after a long weekend.

Greens & Grains Bowl

I’m all about the rule of “eating colorfully,” so I wanted to include a plate on the new menu that is as ‘Instagrammable’ as it is delicious. It’s packed with protein, veggies, grains and sweet basil dressing, so you’re going to get a mix of textures between the raw and cooked veggies that keeps each bite interesting. Plus, you get the ultimate breakfast fun of breaking the egg yolk and mixing everything together. This is also a great option for my vegetarian and gluten-free people who want to indulge in a nourishing brunch that works for your dietary needs.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Pancakes go hand in hand with brunch, but of course we had to take it up a notch with ours. It’s everything you need in a sweet treat – light, fluffy pancakes, sweet blueberries, bright & tart lemon curd and pieces of our Lemon Doberge Cake as a garnish to tie the whole plate together. Pro tip from one brunch fan to another – this is a great option if you are out with a group and want to split something sweet at the start or end of your meal.

Eggs in Purgatory

Uova in Purgatorio, Italian for eggs poached in sauce, is a classic Italian dish that pays homage to the Neapolitan’s belief of purgatory and purification. It’s starting to hit its trend in the states, so we wanted to incorporate some worldly eats in our own way. But why stop at one trend? Alongside the dish is a play on avocado toast, using gluten-free avocado flatbread. These two make a great combo because the healthy fats from the avocado balance out the tomato and red Fresno chile sauce. This dish is completely gluten-free and holds the Italian tradition of simple ingredients, but packs the flavor of a classic breakfast dish.

Smoked Salmon Tower

One of my favorite parts about eating out with friends is getting starters that can be shared with everyone, so we wanted to put some items on the menu that do just that. The inspiration for the actual dish came from a trip I took to New York, specifically in SoHo, where smoked fish and bagels are king, so I knew I wanted to bring some New York flavor to our menu. Our ingredients continue that East Coast influence – New York bagels from the Bronx, caper-everything cream cheese and smoked salmon from Foley Fish, a fourth-generation seafood family from Boston.

Croque Madame

The ultimate recovery sandwich, we wanted our Croque Madame to be an upgrade from what you normally think of in a breakfast sandwich. It’s a nod to the classic French dish with a new American spin on it. We use ham, gruyère, fontina and garlic crème which packs crazy flavors and richness that’s sure to keep you full and top it with an egg for the yolk goals of your dreams. In the spirit of eating a balanced meal, we paired this with a light, strawberry salad that helps cut through the richness of the Croque Madame.

Nonna’s Pan Cinnamon Rolls

Had to save the best for last, so I’m going to finish this post with one of our bigger new brunch items – Nonna’s Pan Cinnamon Rolls. Thinking of the special feeling of freshly baked sweets from your grandma, I wanted to add a dish that feels like you are back home enjoying a lazy Saturday. To add a special touch, we top it off with bourbon-caramel sauce to make it a little more indulgent. The mix of caramel and bourbon with our secret ingredient (espresso) is the decadent sauce your brunch deserves. Another dish that’s a great start or end to a group brunch and even better with a round of Bloody Marys to accompany it.

There you have it, our new brunch lineup. I hope you all enjoy these dishes as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. Now get out there, grab your friends & some Mimosas and explore some new ways to brunch at the Grille.

Peace and happy eating. – Shawn





*Brunch not available at Washington, D.C or Rockefeller Center locations. Served on Saturdays and Sunday only, hours vary by location. Please contact your local Del Frisco’s Grille for more information.

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