A Cellar Chat with Gretchen Thomas

Hi everyone! My name is Gretchen Thomas and I am the new VP of Beverage at Del Frisco’s Grille. I’ve been looking forward to dropping in and introducing myself to ...

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Meet the Somm

Raise a Glass: Our Newest Wine Connoisseur

Get to know Emily Nevin-Giannini – wine aficionado, Champagne & potato chip supporter and new Director of Beverage for the Grille. How did you get started in the world of ...

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Baked Goat Cheese

New Fall Food for Thought

Hi everyone, it’s Chef Shawn Quinn again, talking to you about how to incorporate seasonal changes into food. As a chef, it’s important to create dishes that pay homage to ...

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How to Taste Wine

Starter to Somm: How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Hello, beautiful people! Jess here, and today we are learning about the process of tasting wine. Yes, there is a process and it is beneficial to practice because it teaches ...

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Brunch Image

Brunch with the Best

What’s up everybody, Chef Shawn Quinn here to talk with you today about the new brunch items you may have seen on our menus. I am excited for you to ...

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